Sunday, February 03, 2008

Why I'll Probably Watch the Super Bowl Alone

On Wednesday, Rob suggested that I let go of my inhibitions and just embrace my man-crush on Tom Brady. Well, if I'm going to do so, Super Bowl Sunday (the national holiday that's not an official national holiday) is probably the right day for it. I'll embellish the sentiment with an e-card that Mis Hooz sent me last week.

(Courtesy of

Oh yeah - the game. My score looks like Patriots 37, Giants 16. Is picking the 18-0 team to win one more game really taking a chance? Regardless, I'll enjoy watching excellence be rewarded while the Patriots make pro football history.

Besides the gridiron competition, I'll also be looking forward to the Iron Man trailer during some commercial break and may be more excited than I've ever been about a Super Bowl halftime show, with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers supplying the musical entertainment. (Please let there be no dancers on the field.) One of the best (yet criminally underrated) American rock bands ever finally gets the huge stage it deserves.