Friday, February 01, 2008

Today's Reading - 02/01/08

Exclusive: Detroit Free Press Becomes Largest Newspaper In The Country Without A Full-Time Film Critic

I completely missed this news (maybe because I don't subscribe to the Freep anymore, and what I read online is mostly local news and Detroit Tigers coverage), but this is kind of a troubling development. Terry Lawson was far from my favorite film critic (though I enjoyed sometimes batting his opinions around with my buddy Pete), but the largest newspaper in the metro Detroit market should have an in-house movie reviewer. (And a TV critic, for that matter. Mike Duffy also took a buyout.)

I wonder if I could interest the Freep in Four-Sentence Movie Reviews... ?

Edwards exits the race: What went wrong

I was a John Edwards supporter in 2004, and looked forward to his 2008 campaign. Unfortunately, he was run over by both the Hillary Clinton machine and Barack Obama freight train. Maybe it was just the wrong time for him, and he was a better candidate in '04. I don't know. But Edwards worked hard to point out the vast chasm that has developed between the wealthy and poor in this country, and that helped the Democratic party find a part of its identity.

Dip Once or Dip Twice?

Timmy may have been right when he yelled at George Costanza for double-dipping! (Here's the episode recap.) Definitely something to keep in mind this Super Bowl Sunday when you're sharing that seven-layer dip with a room full of people.

Four Days, a Therapist; Fifth Day, a Patient

I've been watching In Treatment this whole week, and think it's a more intriguing show than several critics do. (This is one of the positive reviews.) I don't know if I can stay with the "Jake and Amy" storyline, though. Not only are those characters completely unlikable, but it's really hard to believe that the two of them would've ever gotten married.

Wait a minute, wasn't Captain America dead?

Story developments such as killing Captain America and - surprise! - bringing him back months later only really happen in comic books. This is the problem with trying to age iconic characters along the readership. Eventually, they hit a ceiling. But the comics still have to be published - and draw good sales - while characters have to stay "fresh." Meanwhile, stories like this are what make it difficult for new readers (or those who took a break, but are interested in coming back) to discover and embrace these titles.

Fed Up With MySpace? Join the Club and Delete Your Account

Virtually the only reason I sign onto MySpace these days is to delete spam friend requests from near-naked hootchie mamas. I am so close to deleting my account. I'm glad to see that others have followed through on that sentiment.

How will Warner Bros. market The Dark Knight without Heath Ledger?

Unfortunately, the show has to go on. But marketing for The Dark Knight will have to walk a tightrope of sensitivity, as it wobbles between celebration and tribute. Purely as a Batman fan, I hope WB doesn't reveal what Harvey Dent looks like as Two-Face before the movie is released. Some revelations should be left to the moviegoing experience.