Sunday, February 17, 2008

Hulking Out

Some pictures of a scale model that will be used to promote the Incredible Hulk movie leaked onto the internet on Friday. Anyone wondering just how different this new incarnation of the Hulk might differ from Ang Lee's giant beast got some solid confirmation with these photos.

Judging from the size of the model and a couple of images on the film's official site, it's apparent that Edward Norton and company are nodding more toward the TV show than Lee's version, which should lead to a somewhat more believable (and coherent) interpretation. Not as outlandishly large, not as brightly green, and maybe more savage. Just like Lou Ferrigno used to be.

I know the new Hulk is supposed to be roaring and flexing and hulking in that pose, but from certain angles, he also looks like he could be dancing. Kind of like the Baltimore Ravens' Ray Lewis before he takes the field.

Maybe that can be the subtitle of this new movie. The Incredible Hulk: Bust a Move.

(via The Movie Blog)