Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Today's Reading - 02/12/08

A Do-Over? Democrats' Fate May Ride on It

I tell myself that I voted for Barack Obama in the Michigan Democratic primary on January 15. But it's not really the truth. I voted "uncommitted" because Obama wasn't on the ballot, in accordance with the party's protest over Michigan moving up its primary. (Today was the original date for the vote, by the way.) Hillary Clinton, however, was on the ballot and she won, with 55% of the vote (over 40% for "uncommitted"). It's a moot point, since the Democratic National Committee won't recognize the state's delegates, as another form of punishment.

Clinton might really need those delegates to overtake Obama, though. But should she have them when the voting results might not truly reflect the majority preference?

One way to make those delegates count again would be to hold a new caucus. Michigan moved up its primary to make its vote matter. Calling a mulligan and conducting another vote would likely ensure that really happens.

(via Edward Vielmetti)

Who Won the Writers Strike?

So was the writers' strike worth it? The final outcome is still being sorted out, it seems, so maybe it's just a bit too early to declare the outcome of the battle. If getting a piece of digital media and an increase in DVD royalties was the ultimate goal for the writers, then it looks like they may have accomplished their goals. But at what cost? What if the TV networks feel like business was doing fine with more reality programming?

Frances Bean Cobain Acts, Dresses Nicely

Here's something that could make you feel old today. Frances Bean Cobain is 15 years old. If the image of her as a two-year old when her father died is still frozen in your memory (as it is in mine), these pictures that accompany her interview in Harper's Bazaar will likely wake you up.

HD: If a Tree Falls & No One Hears It . . .

Do you know anyone who has a HD radio? Or does anyone reading this? I'm just curious, because this article confirmed a thought I've occasionally had. I'm sure a high-definition (or "hybrid digital") radio sounds great. But I hardly listen to the radio anymore.