Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tom Brady: Smooth On and Off the Field

I've managed to contain what's developed into a healthy admiration for Tom Brady (I'm not sure this is man-crush material, though I've professed such feelings before to friends, only to be greeted with awkward silence) because I didn't want to be labeled as a bandwagon New England Patriots fan. But I have been (quietly) rooting for the Patriots to go undefeated, so they'd shut up those grumpy old men ("It was better in the old days!") of the 1972 Miami Dolphins.

And I'll always root for Brady, because I think he overcame a pretty raw deal that Lloyd Carr gave him at the University of Michigan. (I don't know if I'll ever get around to writing this post, but I think jerking Brady around in favor of local golden boy Drew Henson is the biggest stain on Carr's legacy as Michigan football coach. By doing so, however, Carr likely unwittingly molded the quarterback we see today.) I realize that Brady's become the kind of guy you don't root for because he appears to have everything. (And if you look at that photo to the right, he seems to know it.)

Anyway, this was a long-winded introduction of getting to some amusing video from today's (always absurd) Super Bowl Media Day, during which a Spanish reporter asked Brady to marry her. And he handled it as calmly as he does an opposing pass rush.

What a gentleman. Of course, Brady has some experience facing the ridiculous at press conferences.

Always smooth, never bitter. Brady should do beer commercials after he's done with football.

(via Awful Announcing)

UPDATE: Here's a good look at the amorous TV reporter from TV Azteca.