Thursday, January 17, 2008

Today's Reading - 01/17/08


By the time I started reading CREEM as a kid, I don't think it was the magazine that's celebrated in this article, with writers like Lester Bangs and Dave Marsh.  And if it was, I was far too young to appreciate stuff like that.  All I really remember is flipping through magazine like that while my parents were shopping for groceries.  So I guess I'm thankful for articles like this one (and a book to come).

Baltimore Sun's 'Wire' Portrayal Fuels a Hot Debate

Oh, you could've seen this one coming. David Simon's critique of the newspaper industry in season five of The Wire is rattling some cages.  In particular, Simon may just working out a vendetta against two of his former bosses at the Baltimore Sun with his current storyline. Shouldn't every former disgruntled employee have his own critically acclaimed TV show for an outlet?


One thing that's gotten me through the TV drought that the writers' strike has wrought is the handful of Pushing Daisies episodes saved on my DVR.  (I appreciate the lead actor, Lee Pace, even more after seeing him play the homicidal Dick Hickock in Infamous.)  Here, the series' creator talks about many of the influences that went into creating the show.

Anthony Bourdain | the A.V. Club

I'm a week late with this, but thought it was still worth posting.  I cringe when anyone refers to a public figure - especially a celebrity - as his or her "hero."  But man, I wouldn't mind Anthony Bourdain's life.  He might just have the sweetest job in the world right now.  And he knows it.  (Not necessarily in an arrogant way, either.)  I can only hope to live a little of the Bourdain life some time this year.

The 27-Hour Day

Here's something to think about in lieu of Apple's new movie rental plan for iTunes.  Is 24 hours (the span in which you have to watch a rental once you begin viewing) really enough time for busy people - especially those who might have kids - to watch after a long day?  If you begin at, say, 9:00 p.m., crap out, and decide to watch the rest the next night, what happens when you sit down at 9:00 p.m. again? Poof!  Movie gone.

Booed PPK Girl To Get The Star Treatment From The Pats

Did you see that 14-year-old girl get booed during the Chargers-Colts playoff game last Sunday because she was wearing a New England Patriots jersey?  (Hilarious!)  So did the Patriots' owner, who invited her to this Sunday's AFC championship game.  The team will honor her at halftime.