Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Enjoy That Ride Into the Sunset, Coach

I'm hoping to write more about Lloyd Carr and his retirement later this week.  But for now, that was one hell of an effort his Michigan Wolverines displayed earlier today in Orlando, winning a game that looked like an inevitable beating.

Michigan 41, Florida 35.  I've never been more happy to be wrong about football.  The offense was creative and the defense was aggressive, both of which Michigan football fans have been yearning for.  It was obvious how much the team wanted to win for Coach Carr today.  And I'm happy that a good man was able to go out on a high note.

If you watched that video, ask yourself how many successful big-time college football coaches are asking their players to "vow right now" that they'll finish their degrees.  Perhaps I'm being unfair to most coaches, but that seems like the end of an era to me.  And maybe that's all that needs to be said about Lloyd Carr's tenure at Michigan.

Congratulations, Coach.  I wish my father had been sitting next to me when your players carried you off the field.  What a touching moment.  Thanks for giving us one last memory to relish before Michigan football heads into the future.