Monday, January 07, 2008

Today's Reading - 01/07/08

No Democratic candidates file paperwork to accept write-in votes

After Edward Vielmetti provided a very helpful service by posting all of the pertinent information about next Tuesday's Michigan presidential primary, I remembered reading a couple of months ago that Barack Obama and John Edwards were not going to be on the Michigan Democratic ballot.  Is that really true?  Unfortunately, yes it is.

If you don't know the deal, here's how I understand it: Michigan apparently ticked off the Democratic National Committee by moving its primary up to January 15.  In a show of support for the party's wishes, Obama and Edwards (among others) had their names taken off the ballot.  Submitting a write-in vote isn't an option, either, as neither candidate filled out the necessary paperwork to have such votes counted.  The Michigan Democratic party is encouraging voters to check "Uncommitted" on the ballot if Hillary Clinton isn't your preferred candidate.  That feels like a terribly unsatisfying option.

Strike Beards

David Letterman and Conan O'Brien both looked as if they'd just been released from captivity when they went back on the air last week.  I suppose you could argue that's exactly what happened, as the WGA strike kept their shows off the air.  Growing beards can definitely be a form of solidarity between men.

But the quote that rings most true in this article is this: "Beards have always marked transitions in men’s lives."  That's exactly where I was two years ago when I grew one for the first time.  (No beard for me this winter, though.  I thought it'd be too traumatic to have to shave it off for my sister's wedding.)

Paul Thomas Anderson | The A.V. Club

Any hopes I had for catching up on some reading last night were scotched once I found out Boogie Nights was playing on IFC.  It's one of my favorite movies, and because of that, the release of any new Paul Thomas Anderson film feels like an event.  And from all indications, There Will Be Blood might be his finest accomplishment.  I think it'll be another three weeks before it hits Michigan, though. Interviews like this can pass the time, I suppose.

Building Suspense Along the Trail of an Invisible Man

Zodiac got some "Best of the Year" love from some critics, and it might receive some Best Picture affirmation, as well.  (Tomorrow's DVD release of David Fincher's director's cut might help with that.) The NY Times' Manohla Dargis analyzes a key scene (maybe the most powerful one) from the film in this article.

What a Man's Movie Posters Can Say About Him

So if you're a guy who hangs movie posters on his wall (I currently am not), what do your choices tip off to your friends, lady or otherwise?  One poster I'd love to frame and put on my wall is Anatomy of a Murder, but maybe that title wouldn't be sending quite the right message.  I also have an awesome Being John Malkovich poster that'd look good on a wall someday.