Monday, January 28, 2008

Today's Reading - 01/28/08

Six Reasons Why the Kennedy Endorsement is a Big Deal

TIME's Mark Halperin explains how an endorsement from Ted Kennedy (and Caroline before him) shores up several weaknesses in Barack Obama's campaign.

UPDATE: Make that a one-two-three Kennedy punch, with Patrick Kennedy also endorsing Obama.

Writing a Book? Piece of Cake

So what's more difficult: Writing a book or blogging every day? After finishing his new book, God Save the Fan, on shelves now (I haven't read it yet), Will Leitch - editor of Deadspin - argues that a blog's constantly ticking clock (courtesy of its readership) makes it more difficult. I'd love to find out for myself.

(via Andrew Sullivan)

Charisma as Natural as Gravity

Heath Ledger's director on The Dark Knight, Christopher Nolan, shares his favorite memories from the time they worked together.

High Mercury Levels Are Found in Tuna Sushi

Eating fresh tuna (especially that bluefin stuff) will flood you with the mercury! Don't eat it!

The Danger of Not Eating Tuna

Okay, you can still eat the tuna. But maybe not every day. The benefits still outweigh the risks. Treat your sushi diet like your stock portfolio, though. Diversify. Shrimp, scallops - salmon.

Rethinking the Meat-Guzzler

Here's another reason to add more fish to your diet. Although I think Mark Bittman's advocating more for eating plants. (Say, didn't he just publish a vegetarian cookbook?)

Down to the Wire

A new week, a new article on David Simon and The Wire. Simon apologizes to Baltimore for revealing its dirty underbelly on HBO. Well, sort of.

(via Vulture)