Monday, July 30, 2007

No Iron Deficiencies This Weekend

Didn't I just post something about Iron Man last weekend? I'm probably getting close to reaching an acceptable quota with anyone reading this blog. "Yes - we get it! You want to see this movie. Can you please write about something - anything - else? (And post more often, while you're at it?)"

I hear you. But this past weekend was Comic-Con in San Diego, and that means the studios showing footage to get the geeks excited. (Yeah - I think they sell comic books there, too.)

Over the past couple of years, "exclusive" footage has been restricted to the audiences in San Diego. And that's fine with me. Attendees shelled out big money for convention passes, airline tickets, and hotel rooms, and deserve something for that effort. But I think some filmmakers are also smart enough to know that a little viral marketing can go a long way. So when footage of the Iron Man trailer that Jon Favreau brought to San Diego "leaked" onto the internet, I think he and Marvel knew exactly what the hell they were doing. Who am I to stand in the way of that?

Men shouldn't make the noise I made when I saw that suit of armor move on-screen. I already thought casting Robert Downey, Jr. was brilliant (though I'm already a big fan), but the footage confirms that sentiment. Tony Stark allows him to be what he's best at: playing a roguish charmer with a lightning-quick wit who just might be the smartest guy in the room. (Rent Zodiac this week on DVD, if you want another example.) It also allows him to try something I don't believe he's done before, which is play an action hero. Even if you can't see his face while he's wearing the suit, that's pretty cool.

EDIT (7/30): Well, poo. It looks like "The Man" (otherwise known as "Terms of Service") asserted his power and had the video taken down. That's just a damn shame. Dude, it was awesome. You should've seen it. (Ahem.) But if you're interested, Screen Rant posted a blow-by-blow description. Instead, I leave you with this.

Between Iron Man and Batman (with The Joker!), next year is going to rule, dude.

(Thanks to Matt for sending this over to me. Geek solidarity, baby. And I promise I'll try to write about something else this week.)