Monday, August 06, 2007

Live Free or Die Hard: A Four-Sentence Movie Review

A few years ago, Mis Hooz and I were watching Mission: Impossible II, and after a scene in which Tom Cruise and Dougray Scott leaped off of motorcycles going full-speed and collided with each other in the air, a woman behind us blurted out "What-ever!" and we were cracking up for the rest of the movie. I was reminded of that several times while watching Live Free or Die Hard, especially when Bruce Willis drove a police car full-speed at a toll booth, presumably quite comfortable in the knowledge that the car wouldn't go through the booth, but somehow use the booth as a ramp that would launch it into a helicopter at least 50 feet above the ground. John McClane has that kind of understanding of physics, yet apparently has next to no knowledge of computers, even though one might imagine it would be difficult to be promoted to lieutenant detective in the NYPD without knowing how to use one. But don't get me wrong - I was pretty impressed with how Len Wiseman managed to make typing, downloading, and plugging in seem rather exciting, but mostly, I enjoyed the hell out of seeing $#!+ get blown up, jacked up, and shot up real good.