Friday, July 06, 2007

Watch Out For the Steve Carell Phone Prank

My friend Eric Harthen entertained morning radio listeners in Detroit for years (you might recognize his work from his time at Mojo In the Morning or as one of Purtan's People), and is now doing his thing in Los Angeles land. He has a blog at that details his new radio gig, complete with pictures of the various celebrity guests he's coerced into posing with him.

Eric just posted a gag that might appeal to any fans of Steve Carell and The Office, and since I spent much of the past year following the show for the "That's What She Said" podcast, I thought a link to it would fit. It's a series of phone pranks in which Eric only responds with assorted Steve Carell audio clips. Maybe not quite as funny as the classic Arnold Schwarzenegger prank calls, but it's good for a few laughs, especially when it gets someone to swear.

I'm still not going to see Evan Almighty, though. Just so you know.

▪▪ Since this post is vaguely Steve Carell-related, and I mentioned the "TWSS" podcast, I feel like I should leave a note (not an "announcement," because I'm just not that important) that I won't be co-hosting the show with Matt anymore. Matt posted something about it on the "TWSS" blog page earlier this week, so I'll link to that.

I really enjoyed recording the podcast and corresponding with those who listened to it. I don't know if anyone actually followed my posts from here to the podcast, but if you did, I appreciate you doing so. A handful of listeners have stopped over here on occasion, and I hope you continue to do so, because I'd love to keep in touch.