Monday, July 02, 2007

Can You Be As Cool As Stan Bush, Michael Bay?

For all the geeking out I do over movies that capitalize on my nostalgia for the comic books and cartoons of my youth, I haven't fawned over Transformers too much.

Maybe it's because I was more of a G.I. Joe kid. Although I really loved the Transformers toys I had. I was fascinated with how all the different parts bent and folded from a car into a robot. I'd better stay away from Toys 'R Us or Target, because I kind of miss those toys, and the new ones coming out for the movie might be cooler. Or maybe they won't be. Those old ones were die-cast metal, baby!

Or it could be that I've been pretty disappointed with some of the movies I've been really hyped up to see recently. Can Transformers really be as cool as it looks? (And I've looked a little bit, while trying to avoid the copious amounts of clips available online.)

It's not a Michael Bay thing. I can be a movie snob, but I enjoy his stuff. I've never seen either of the Bad Boys flicks or Pearl Harbor, but I loved The Island. The dude can flat-out make an action movie, and they always look great.

So I'll probably fight the opening day crowds and catch a matinee tomorrow. And I'll be hoping Michael Bay came up with something nearly as cool as this: