Wednesday, January 24, 2007

That's What She Said! (Episode #14)

Matt and I have been doing this That's What She Said podcast for a few months now, but if I may say so, I think our latest episode might be one of our best. A little bit of healthy arguing never hurt anyone - especially when you're trying to create some interesting discussion about The Office.

So how does Matt feel about the show's producers cutting material, and then posting it online? Is the Jim-Pam-Karen triangle giving him what he wants, whether he realizes it or not? And why do I have to be so disagreeable with the young man this week? I blame shotgunning a Diet Coke right before we began recording.

Anyway, the answers to these questions - and exploring topics such as what pushed Andy into bat$#!+ craziness - await you. If you enjoy The Office, I think you'll enjoy our podcast.

Episode #14 is available for your downloading and listening pleasure, either from the That's What She Said home page or via iTunes.

Feedback and constructive criticism are deeply appreciated, so please send along an e-mail or leave a comment on the show's growing blog page community. We're having a lot of fun over there these days, and it only gets better as more people join in, so stop by if you have a chance!

And as always, of course, thank you for listening!