Monday, January 22, 2007

The Name Game Follow-Up

Sometimes, a goofy admission gets you a little bit of attention. And once in a while, such an occurrence works out in your favor.

My response to Pop Candy's post about people who give fake names at coffee shops caught the attention of Misty Harris, a writer for CanWest News Service. Ms. Harris e-mailed me last week and asked if I could chat for a few minutes about my predilection for giving superhero secret identities with my drink orders, and being the attention-starved media whore that I am, I gladly said yes.

The article, entitled "North Americans Joyfully Playing Alias in Moniker-Land," was published over the weekend and can now be found online.

My quote can be found among others who give aliases to get through call-screening secretaries, maintain privacy to obscure celebrity, and avoid embarrassment at STD clinics. (Fortunately, my intentions have already been recorded for public record.)

Slowly, my message is trickling throughout North America. Thank you, Ms. Harris, and Hello, Canada!