Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Real Icy Trees

It's been a little slippery around here the last couple of days, after an ice storm blew through the area. (Though it apparently wasn't as bad in Ann Arbor as in other parts of metro Detroit.)

Fortunately, we're not among those who have lost power due to heavy ice or falling tree branches snapping power lines down. (Let me find some wood to knock on, man.)

Anyway, while waiting for my car to thaw out, I snapped a photo or two...

Potentially dangerous conditions aside, however, the ice has made for some amazing scenery in the morning. With street lights shining on ice-sheathed trees while it's still dark, the neighborhoods look like something out of a fantasy or science fiction movie. (The Fountain came to mind, for some reason. Maybe because there was so little light.)

I'll probably be complaining about this in another day or so, but for now, it's fun to look at.