Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Hello, Meryl Streep!

At the very end of her Golden Globes award acceptance speech (winning "Best Actress - Comedy or Musical" for her role in The Devil Wears Prada), Meryl Streep implored viewers to ask their local theater owners to show little-seen films, such as Little Children and Pan's Labyrinth.

Earlier in the day, mere hours beforehand, I lamented all of the films I either neglected or didn't get to see in 2006 - which included Little Children and Pan's Labyrinth.

Unfortunately, I don't have a transcript or video clip of Streep's speech to add authenticity to this post. I figured it would pop up on YouTube at some point today, because everything's on YouTube. I spent all day waiting for that pirated affirmation. Instead I can only post links to quotes, leaving my desire unrequited.

Anyway, you see where I'm going with this, right? Is it that big of a stretch to presume that Meryl Streep has jumped into the wok, and is reading Fried Rice Thoughts? (I know - I'm working on something better than "jumped into the wok.")

Had I known that Ms. Streep might echo my thoughts so closely later in the evening, I probably would've just posted an ode to Emily Blunt. I might record the replay of the Golden Globes on Saturday, just so I can watch her turn around in that dress again. That, my dear friends and readers, was a brilliant bottom. (She said the dress felt like "a spank." That saucy little minx has ruined me for months.)

So welcome, Meryl Streep! It's truly a pleasure to have you reading my ramblings. You wuz da bomb in Prada, yo! And if you could do me a favor, could you call my local art theaters and see what you can do about getting us some of those movies?

▪▪ One more note: It probably goes without saying, and there have been other memorable speeches at the Golden Globes, but Sacha Baron Cohen's acceptance speech was quite possibly the best ever, wasn't it? I imagine everyone who saw Borat hoped he'd be eventually rewarded for that horrifying naked wrestling match (if they didn't cover their eyes during that scene).