Tuesday, January 02, 2007

You know you shouldn't look, but...

So does it say something bad about me, does it indicate something dark and twisty, if I checked out the footage of Saddam Hussein's hanging online?

I suppose it would be even worse if I linked to it, so I won't. (Besides, you can find it, if you really want to.) I will, however, link to Marc Santora's account of the execution in the New York Times, which I thought was really well written.

Do I regret watching it? Well, sort of. Because I think the images at the very end of the clip are rather chilling and it felt like something I probably shouldn't have been looking at. But it was interesting to put a picture to the words, seeing how cramped and gritty that room was, and just how hostile it was up on that platform with the yelling and taunting taking place.

Yes, I did feel rather ghoulish after the clip was finished. But it was there for me to see. I had to watch it, right?

So did anyone else reading this check it out? Did you feel like you needed a shower (moral or literal) afterwards? Just curious.

But while I'm on the subject of potentially disturbing TV footage, did you watch Dick Clark on New Year's Eve? How did that make you feel? After listening to him struggle to articulate a sentence, I turned the channel. It was just too uncomfortable. I felt like somebody should just step in and stop the whole thing.

Maybe appearing on TV was something Clark needed and wanted to do, but something just didn't feel right about that whole circumstance. For the first time I can remember, I actually wanted Ryan Seacrest to appear on my television. And I needed to drink more champagne to get over that.