Monday, January 22, 2007

Finally! The Fountains Return!

22 days in, 2007 is looking like a good year already. No, I haven't achieved anything special. And I wasn't really planning to. In my world, that's the true key to happiness. Don't aspire to big things. Keep it small. You'll be rewarded more often and won't set yourself up for a big fall once disappointment inevitably sets in.

So I stay focused on the little victories. And I already have one circled on the calendar. April 3. That's when the greatest rock band on the planet Earth - Fountains of Wayne - will release their new album, "Traffic and Weather."

I will knock over children that day at Best Buy to get my hands on that CD. Or I might just order it from Amazon. Less confrontational.

Has it really been four years since their last album, "Welcome Interstate Managers"? I still play it like I bought it yesterday. ("Out-of-State Plates" doesn't count. It was all B-sides. Still cool, of course. And I felt triumphant when I found a copy in Charleston, SC. But ultimately, it was like eating a handful of popcorn when you crave a steak dinner. Doesn't do the trick.)

Another little victory will come in late February when the album's first single, "Someone to Love," hits the airwaves. Of course, I'll probably download it instead.

Okay, carry on. Just had to jump up and down for a bit. Today, the sun is shining.