Monday, November 13, 2006

That's what she said! (Episode #7.0)

It's not like I wasn't going to watch The Office anyway (especially now that I'm doing the That's What She Said podcast with Matt), but when you take the time to stick with a show, you want to be rewarded. You want to see those dangling storylines addressed, and you hope the writers give you answers in a satisfying way.

We knew that the Scranton and Stamford branches of Dunder-Mifflin were going to merge. We just didn't know how. And it was fun to see the machinations that the writers set in motion this week to make that happen.

Best episode of the season? Well, I'd probably still go with "Gay Witch Hunt." But "Branch Closing" was a very close second. And I might go so far as to say that our podcast covering the episode was TWSS' best. I should let you guys be the judge on that, however.

Episode #7.0 is available for your downloading and listening pleasure, either from the That's What She Said home page or via iTunes. Feedback and constructive criticism are always much appreciated, so if you feel the need to chime in, please send along some e-mail. And as always, thanks for listening!