Thursday, November 09, 2006

Some overdue plug-ola (and admiration)

Apologies are necessary to my buddy (and new partner in podcasting crime), Kevin Antcliff, who recently started a new blog to track his weight loss. I admire the man for being so open about this stuff, as well as using the blog as a way to maintain discipline and keep a little pressure on himself.

Speaking of discipline, it's worth noting that Kevin isn't hiring a personal trainer. He's not trying any special diets. He's doing this the old-fashioned way: Eating less and exercising more.

I should really (really, really) follow Kevin's example, but I'm not quite as brave a guy. And I guess I'm still too giddy from joining the 21st century. Nothing promotes weight loss like having a new reason to spend more time in front of the TV, right?

Kevin's new blog is titled The 100 (or is it now called "The 87"?), and can be found at

And I really should mention my podcast with Kevin. It's called The Sporting Noobs, and is posted each Tuesday. On each podcast, we'll talk about the big stories and games from the past week in sports, and try to keep things funny, while we're at it. We've done two shows so far - with topics including the World Series, the NBA's new "no talkback" rule, and the big NFL match-ups of the week - and are hopefully getting better.

Give it a listen, if you're interested. (And if you like what you hear, please leave a comment at the show's page, or even better, a positive review on iTunes!)