Tuesday, September 26, 2006

That's what she said!

Apparently, my last experience with podcasting didn't deter me from giving it another try. My friend Matt asked me to join him for the debut episode of his new podcast, "That's What She Said," a show devoted to NBC's The Office. And I was more than happy to help out, since Matt already did all of the grunt production work.

Plus, he promised that I'd be on the show for more than six seconds.

Seriously though, he put a lot of work into the podcast, which you'll be able to hear with all of the show clips, bumpers, and music he squeezed in. This week, we break down the season premiere, titled "Gay Witch Hunt." What happened to Jim and Pam? Can Michael be trusted to keep Oscar's personal life with discretion? We talk about all of it, complete with actual highlights from the show.

If you get a chance, please listen to Episode 1.0. (The podcast is also available on iTunes.) And tell us (more specifically, tell Matt) what you think. Constructive criticism would be much appreciated.