Friday, November 17, 2006

Oh, this should be fun

I don't talk much about The Office here, other than posts and links to That's What She Said - mostly because it's Matt's show, and he just invited me along for the ride (for which I'm extremely grateful, by the way). And it's not until this season that I really became a devoted viewer.

But I happened to be online last night while the show was on (working on something), and a few people sent me instant messages, looking for some instant reaction. "Oh my God - how can you not be watching?! Jim and Pam! JAM! PIM! JAMMER! Reunion!"

Unfortunately, the computer's in a different room from the TV (Papa needs a brand new laptop), and now that I belong to the DVR Nation, I knew I'd just catch it later on.

It was pretty amusing (and believe me, I'd have rather been watching TV at that point), but I probably shouldn't have been surprised. Last night's episode, "The Merger," was hugely anticipated, with the moment fans have yearned for all season.

But since then (just over 12 hours, I realize)... the reaction has been sort of mixed. And that leads us to stuff like this:

Whose side are you on, man? (Check out the blogs that led to the t-shirts.)

If you listen to TWSS, I don't think I've been too coy about where I stand. I find exotic-looking women who could've been fathered by G.I.s rather appealing. But judging from this thread at Pop Candy, I may not be as much in the minority as I once believed.

But while chatting with Spinster Girl last night, I realized that these might not ultimately be the sides to choose. Whose side are you on between Jim and Pam? Are either of them being immature? Does someone deserve what he or she is getting? Think about that over your coffee this morning, 'hoss.

Matt, I can't wait to record the next episode...