Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Pornography? I'd better look to be sure

I try to keep the sports-related topics restricted to my sports blog closet, but this really has nothing to do with what happened on a court or field, so the Fried Rice Thoughts Topic Committee has decided the following is a suitable subject.

The local drive-time talk radio stations playing in my car this afternoon were hijacked by this Detroit News story, which detailed an effort by the American Decency Association to prevent the Detroit Pistons from selling a calendar featuring its cheerleading team.

The ADA feels the calendar is "pornography" and is demanding that the Pistons stop selling it. Barbara Rotary of Pontiac, MI, who was quoted in the article, brought the calendar to the organization's attention. "To me, this is a form of prostitution," she told the News. "The Pistons are profiting from using women's bodies this way."

A suggestion for what Ms. Rotary really needs comes to mind right now, but that would probably be crass of me to say. (Looking in a dictionary might not be a bad idea for her, though.) Besides, I just don't know as much about this story as I should. And I'd really prefer to know my facts before commenting any further.

So I'll be doing some research on this calendar. A lot of research, in fact. Because we need to know. And I have the time to exercise due diligence on this matter. I'll probably need to be alone, however, so I can fully concentrate and give the calendar my undivided attention. If people are interested, I'll post the results here after my research has concluded.

By the way, you can buy the "Automotion" calendar here.