Monday, January 23, 2006

Hey, I think we just made eye contact

For anyone who might wonder if Detroit has an inferiority complex and is secretly dreading hosting the Super Bowl in two weeks, Kortney Stringer's article from last Friday's Detroit Free Press should take care of those doubts.

Here's the gist of the piece: "Well, the commercials don't mention Detroit directly, but they imply it's the place to be."

What? Are we that insecure? The article reads like an ugly guy trying to ask out a gorgeous woman. "Well, she didn't agree to go out with me, per se. But she talked to me. And she laughed at one of my jokes. That's a good sign, right?"

C'mon, let's have some more self-esteem than that. I've been in a defensive posture for the last year, too. But enough of that "please don't make fun of us" junk. Let sportswriters and columnists take their shots, and make the same old, tired, played-out jokes. (They've probably had those pieces written for months, so they can go to the Super Bowl parties instead.)

Stick out your chest, Detroit. Strut around a little bit. (Better yet - do it like Mick Jagger, since the Rolling Stones are playing at the Super Bowl.) Don't cower in fear of insults. Dare them to make fun of you. How many other cities are hosting the Super Bowl this year? I don't see any other cities raising their hands, do you? Hey, how about the ClubJenna Bowl?

While I'm on the subject, does anyone have $500 to spare? That's the cover charge. I promise I'd write the best blog ever after attending that party.