Sunday, January 29, 2006

But y'all come back now, y'hear?

This morning, I have to point you to one of the more bizarre comment threads I've ever read. Fried Rice Friend Spinster Girl found a book whose title struck her as rather sad, and made a note of it on her blog, the spinster girl's guide to love. Sounds pretty simple, right? And funny. Other than a couple of observations and comments from friends and readers, I imagine she thought it'd end right there. But Spinzo's post was noticed by someone I don't think she ever would've expected, someone who brought her wagging finger of shame with her.

Another finger points to a blog that should've existed from the moment the blogosphere was created. One of the great aspects of this medium is the forum given to voices that might otherwise not be heard. As readers, we might gain a perspective that we might not have considered. With the best examples of this, both writers and readers are enriched, better for having shared the experience. I found just such a blog through The Movie Blog, who I simply must thank for bringing this to attention. Please, click here and check it out. I'd rather not mention the author here, as I'd prefer not to deprive you of the experience of discovery that comes once you see it. But trust me when I say you'll find it's a voice we've always wanted to hear, whether we realized it or not. You're welcome.