Friday, May 18, 2007

Thinking of Spiders... and Bats

I really meant to post my thoughts on Spider-Man 3 today, but got bogged down (as has become typical) with baseball stuff. Therefore, in lieu of actual content, I'll have to let my geek feathers show in another way. It's too early to get excited about this movie, but the website for the Batman Begins sequel, called The Dark Knight, recently went up, and though there's virtually no content available as of yet, they did release this image.

Of all the Batman villains, Harvey Dent/Two-Face is probably my favorite, and I always hated how he was turned into a preening, cackling clown by Joel Schumacher and Tommy Lee Jones in Batman Forever. But I want to believe in Harvey Dent. As a character he's a conflicted, bipolar, paranoid dichotomy of a man, not some goofball who just happens to have one side of his face disfigured. If Christopher Nolan and crew manage to create anything like the Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight Returns or The Long Halloween, I'll be a happy little moviegoer. Casting Aaron Eckhart in the role is a damn good start.

UPDATE (5/21): As Martin mentioned in the comments, there's a little bit more to that poster. I love stuff like this.

See Smiley McFreakyPants...