Monday, May 14, 2007

Conflict Resolution

Ladies and gentleman, my long local litter nightmare is over.

I imagine you were hoping I've gotten past my outrage at having advertisements brazenly tossed upon my front lawn. I am here to tell you today that I have indeed moved on. Judging from the above photo, attention has been paid and my message has been received.

You can see exactly where that plastic bag was dumped this morning. On my driveway. A little close to the edge of the grass, I suppose, but it's not on the lawn. It's certainly possible that the bag landed behind my car after the delivery driver tossed it at its rear windshield, hoping to spray shattered glass all over my driveway. But ultimately, his package of crap fell harmlessly to the pavement. And the final result is one I'm willing to accept.

I appreciate your patience in allowing me this indulgence. I'm sure there were more entertaining things to read across the internet. This past week is likely not one I will recall when discussing the life stories and lessons that have been chronicled on this blog. But I think the underlying theme is one worthy of posterity. A voice was heard. Casualties were avoided. Power to the people.