Tuesday, May 01, 2007

That's What She Said! (Episode #21)

May the Lord beer you strength as you listen to Episode #21 of the That's What She Said podcast. I've seen and heard mixed reactions to last week's episode of The Office (a not-so-funny middle, bookended by absolute hilarity) but I think it just may have been the most unwittingly brilliant half-hour of television I've watched this season.

I'm sure the writers of the show intended to create a piece of satire that mocked the public relations hopscotch that celebrities and companies have to perform these days to win back favor from the people. But given when this episode must have been produced, I doubt they realized just how pertinent Michael Scott's attempt to control the news and deal with demands for his resignation, in lieu of what happened with Don Imus a few weeks ago.

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Brilliant satire or not, however, The Office also creates some flat-out hilarious moments, based on the rich characters that make up the cast. And just because I need to see it again, here's an example of that: