Sunday, October 08, 2006

Rumors of my demise...

I meant to post a message early last week before leaving, but procrastination crunched me right up against a deadline, and I found myself trying to finish a magazine article just before leaving for the airport.

So where have I been? Friends, readers, lurkers, and surfers, I have been in Hawaii for the past week, spending time on the beach in Waikiki with my family. And only now that I'm trying to kill some time before we're set to head back did I finally find the internet station here at the Marriott.

If you've been stopping by for the past week, wondering where the hell I was, whether that damn cold downed me for good, or if I joined the many who finally crapped out on blogging after giving it a good try, I apologize for not saying anything.

Back in Michigan on Tuesday. Did I pick the worst week to go, with the Tigers in the playoffs (and beating the Yankees)? That's what happens when I let Lil' Sis make the arrangements. (Just kidding, Sis. I'm enjoying my 67th Mai Tai.)

, as the ladies with grass skirts and coconut breast cups say here.

(And I didn't get a chance to show what a podcast whore I was before flying out to the islands. Here are links to recent appearances on The Daily Fungo Podcast and That's What She Said. I truly must love hearing the sound of my own voice. Especially when I'm just wearing sweatpants.)