Thursday, October 19, 2006

Hawaii Pho-To

[So was that a total stretch for a title? Go ahead, be honest. By the way, I learned more about Jack Lord on my vacation than I ever wanted to know. Hey, they don't just talk pineapple and poi in Hawaii all day.]

I remember Erik Kuselias of ESPN Radio once saying on the air that no one cares about your vacation or wants to see the photos. They don't need all the details; they just want to know that you had a good time, and want to get on with the rest of their day.

So if you just need to get on with your day, I understand. I'll just tell you that I had a great time swishing the sand between my toes, completely zoning out as I watched the bluest (natural) water I'd ever seen wash upon the shore, and knowing that it was impossible to stand out as a dorky tourist (which I always try to avoid on a trip) because I was surrounded by hundreds of them.

Anything else? Well, I'd never really taken the time to appreciate a sunset before. They're pretty damn beautiful. And Kona coffee is really good. I also wish I'd learned to surf when I was younger. Oh, one more thing: Poi is awful stuff that tastes like paste. (And I don't even know what paste tastes like. I wasn't one of those kids.)

Mama Cass and Lil' Sis wanted to take a big trip, to get away from everything that's happened over the past year-and-a-half, and to just enjoy life more. So when they asked if I wanted to go to Hawaii, I said sure (like I'd say no)- not quite believing that it would really happen. But Lil' Sis was persistent and was the point (wo)man on the preparations. This entire trip happened because of her planning. And I'm extremely grateful for that.

No, I didn't visit Pearl Harbor. Four people have asked me that since I got back, one of whom got rather indignant about it. Yes, I have an appreciation for history. Yes, I care about this country. Yes, I like boats, planes, and subs (well, maybe not so much anymore - see below). To those who expressed their "outrage," I'm sorry I didn't consult with you before planning out my trip. You're right; I shouldn't have spent so much time on the beach. What was I thinking? Next time, I'll let you tell me what I should do and just go by that. Okay?

And no, I didn't see anyone from Lost. Yes, I was on the same island (Oahu) and even cruised by North Shore, where I believe the show is filmed. Actually, who knows - maybe I did see someone, but since I still don't watch it that much (though I've tried to catch up), I'm not entirely familiar with everyone on the show. However, I'm pretty sure I'd have recognized Evangeline Lilly if I saw her. She's purdy. I did, however, see plenty of people on the beach who could stand in for Hurley. Yeesh.

I guess I'll try to save the rest for my photo album over at Flickr. I've posted more than a few photos, and I think the whole thing tells the story of the trip quite well.

For instance, what's one way I demonstrated my gratitude as a brother and son? By giggling and snapping pictures with my camera phone when Mama Cass got seasick during our submarine tour. How she didn't haul off and slap me in the face (especially after the fact) for being such an a-hole, I'll never know.

But Mom shouldn't feel too bad - she wasn't the only one who upchucked on that sub. I will probably never take a tour like that again.

However, I'd sure as hell like to go back to Hawaii - especially if it meant checking out one of the other islands. Sis, can we make that happen?