Thursday, October 12, 2006

Winning keeps you warm

I know I should be posting pictures and stories about my trip to Hawaii - and I'll get to that. But since I've heard from a couple of people that they were disappointed when I didn't write anything about the Tigers eliminating the Yankees from the playoffs last week, I figured I'd point over to my sports blog, Sweaty Men Endeavors, for my posts on the Tigers' new series with the Athletics - otherwise known as the American League Championship Series.

Here's my post for Tuesday night's Game 1. And today's post for Game 2 (two words: Alexis Gomez?!) is hot off my fingertips. At the risk of possibly jinxing the Tigers, history strongly supports their case for making it to the World Series after taking a two-games-to-none lead over Oakland. With the next three games in Detroit (under expected weather conditions that are better suited to football), this thing could end by Sunday.

(And my registration entry for a chance at World Series tickets was just turned down. Dang.)

Mis Hooz, isn't this worth pre-empting Prison Break and House for a few weeks?