Monday, October 23, 2006

The left hand of dirtiness

So what was on Kenny Rogers' (not to be confused with the face-lifted country singer, for you non-sports fans) hand in last night's Game 2 of the World Series and why has it been the talk of Detroit (and the national sports media) today?

Was it dirt? Was it pine tar? Was it some clubhouse science project combination of rosin, dirt, saliva, and chewing tobacco? Or is Kenny just a messy guy?

Did he use the substance to gain an advantage and give his pitches a little more dip and dart? Or was he just trying to get a better grip on the ball in 30-degree weather?

Does this make the Tigers pitcher a cheater? Does St. Louis, like, totally hate us now? Or, considering how well Rogers pitched after he was told to clean his hand, does it not really matter? And isn't it just nice to have a World Series that won't end in a sweep this year?

Lots of posts about this "story" over at The Stepblog, Sweaty Men Endeavors.

P.S. Is Pepper Brooks a co-host of FOX's pre-and-post-game World Series coverage? Effin' A!