Monday, October 16, 2006

That's what she said!

Back from Hawaii, and back into "The Office" for another podcast of That's What She Said. This week, Matt and I talk about last week's episode, titled "Grief Counseling," breaking down the funniest lines and various story developments, complete with actual highlights from the show.

Matt also includes the week's latest "Office"-related news, tracks cast members' blogs, and reads listener e-mails.

Plus, he does a damn fine job of editing the podcast to make it sound like I can string together coherent thoughts without pausing and stumbling for the right words. (Now I just need to get a better sounding microphone, so my "p's" and "s's" sound crisper. Sorry about that, Matt.)

If you get a chance, please listen to Episode #4.0. (The podcast is also available on iTunes.) And tell us (more specifically, tell Matt) what you think. Constructive criticism and feedback is always much appreciated.

P.S. If you listen, make sure you play the podcast through to the very end. Matt included something of a "deleted scene" of our own, which was pretty funny but cut out of the main show.