Thursday, September 28, 2006

The night-time, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy-head post

I've been fighting a nasty cold the last couple of days, which has rendered me near-comatose, and not at full blogging strength. (But I know I was slacking on posts before that. I'm not using being sick as an excuse. Well, not totally, anyway.)

I'm going to blame the Lions. Before I went to Ford Field to get some stuff for Motor City Sports, I was a thriving, virile, somewhat energetic young man. After watching the Lions lose to the Packers, and trolling for quotes in the locker room afterwards (a player talked to me!), I became sick a couple of days later. Coincidence? Or something more... ?

In the meantime, I managed to snap some photos with my new (test market) camera phone. Here's a guy singing the Lions fans' blues outside the stadium after the game. Had so many fans not left early, his guitar case probably would've had some more money in it.

You can see more at my Flickr page. Not the most exciting photos in the world, and I'm not in any of them. (I tried to look, like, "professional" and stuff.) But I wanted some shots to remember my first visit to Ford Field. If I ever go back as a fan (and I say "if," because I'm strongly considering a boycott as long as Matt Millen still works for the team), I'll take better pictures.

Rest, fluids, The Office, and Grey's Anatomy for the rest of the night. Stay classy out there.