Monday, October 23, 2006

That's what she said!

For the first time since doing the "That's What She Said" podcast with Matt, I did not like an episode of The Office. (Well, 2/3 of it, anyway.) Kind of a relief to me, actually, but sure to stir up some disagreement (though I loved the part everyone will be talking about).

This week, Matt and I roll up our sleeves and get elbow-deep in the latest episode, titled "The Initiation." As usual, we break down the week's storylines, the funniest lines (though there weren't many this week), and the tastiest character developments - complete with clips from the show itself.

Matt also includes the week's latest "Office"-related news, tracks cast members' blogs, and reads listener e-mails (one of which might actually score us - or Matt - some free food). Surely, this will qualify him to join Dwight's Army of Champions.

Listening to Episode #5.0 could be just what you needed to get you through the day, whether you realize it or not. (The podcast is also available on iTunes.) Constructive criticism and feedback is always much appreciated, so if you're suitably inspired, please chime in with some e-mail. Thanks for listening!