Monday, August 21, 2006

Monday afternoon musings

▪▪ Twice in the past two weeks, I have been told I sound like Kevin Smith. Looks weren't discussed, but I'd like to think I dress better. However, I may never grow a beard again.

▪▪ Some time last week, I had a dream in which I walked into the kitchen and just plunged my hand into a cantaloupe. No reason. I just punched my hand through the rind and began squeezing the pulp and seeds between my fingers. Explain that one.

▪▪ Over the weekend, I was listening to a podcast interview with Matt Dillon. And as soon as Dillon started talking, I thought, "Man, he sounds like the guy on Entourage." Not really my proudest moment.

▪▪ Last night, the girl behind the counter at Jimmy John's handed me my order and said, "Here's your sub, buddy." Is it weird that I thought her calling me "buddy" was, well... kind of hot? Pathetic?

▪▪ I learned an important lesson yesterday in Sportswriter 101: Professional athletes are crabby when they lose.

▪▪ But I also had the pleasure of meeting Jerry Green of the Detroit News on the 50th anniversary of his tenure at that paper. When I told him being at Comerica Park was a great learning experience, he smiled and said he was still learning. That was cool.