Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Adaptation anxiety

Tom Perrotta is one of my favorite authors, and his last novel, Little Children, might be one of my favorite books. (Although I have such a soft spot for The Wishbones. Maybe because I relate to that story's main character more than I like to admit.)

So I'm pretty damn excited about the upcoming movie version, set to be released in October.

Or at least I was. After watching the trailer, I'm not sure. Great cast. Solid director (I liked In the Bedroom). Screenplay co-written by Perrotta. Looks like the whole project's in good hands.

Yet the trailer seems so... humorless. And I swear I remember Little Children being a funny book. Maybe it was just funnier to me. I don't know. The story has deeper themes of loneliness and isolation, along with its share of tragic elements.

But this looks more like something along the lines of We Don't Live Here Anymore or an early Neil LaBute film. Good movies, but they don't really make you feel good after watching them. In fact, you kind of want to take a shower.

Anybody else read the book who feels the same way? Or am I getting my Perrotta books mixed up?