Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Humble pie for lunch today

This is why I try to post early, before many people have gotten to work.

Earlier today, for those who didn't see it (which I assume is almost everyone - except the person that mattered most), I posted birthday wishes to my dear friend (and now, co-blogger), Mis Hooz. I was feeling very good, very festive, and assumed Hoozie would be sympatico.

There was one big problem with my post, however: Mis Hooz's birthday is Thursday, not today.

I don't know why the hell I get those dates (8/15 and 8/17) mixed up. It's happened almost ever since we've known each other. (Maybe something important happened to me on August 15, and I'm always trying to subconsciously commemorate the occasion.) I thought I'd demonstrated over the past few years that I'd finally gotten over this particular mental hurdle. But clearly, I've regressed.

Since Hooz is much too sweet to torture me for my incompetence, she instead enlisted one of her many celebrity friends to bust my balls. Surely, she and this particular celeb bump into each other frequently while walking through the Tribeca area of Manhattan.

Let the flogging begin:

Ian, this is Bobby - Bobby De Niro. i don't know if you know this or not but i'm a regular reader of your blog - fried rice, I mean (love the name). The sports one - not so much (although i can respect that's the one that butters your bread)... So forgive me for pointing this out, but - ah, one of the ways my friends and i remember my birthday is that I've had the great fortune of being born on Hooz Day and, again forgive, but it's not today, buddy... circle of trust - and circle your calendar.

Robert De Niro

Date of Birth (Location)
17 August 1943
New York, New York, USA

Mini biography
Robert De Niro, who is thought of as one of the greatest actors of his time... (show more)

Who would've guessed that Mr. De Niro had his own Internet Movie Database entry so closely at hand for occasions such as this?

Thankfully, I could stand to have a pound of flesh taken from me...