Monday, August 28, 2006

Do I sound like Kevin Smith?

Thanks to Mike McClary, who graciously asked me to take part in a roundtable discussion on The Daily Fungo Podcast last week. The results are now available online for all to hear.

Mike's (sometimes twice) weekly podcast (along with his daily blog) deals with all things Detroit Tigers, and the four of us discussed the current state of the team - who's good; who stinks; Oh my God, can they beat the Yankees? - as they make their (blissfully) unexpected run toward the playoffs. He does a great job, and if you're a Tigers fan, you'll enjoy what Mike has to offer. I'm flattered he asked me to participate.

If you're curious (or really wondering if I sound - as Raging Red contends - like filmmaker Kevin Smith), you can download or listen to the show here. It is excellent accompaniment for jogging, commuting, yard work, or generally ignoring your fellow citizens.

However, if you're not interested in listening to an hour-long baseball chat (despite its incredibly compelling nature - and I'm not just talking about my voice), arrangements can be made for me to serenade you by phone. (Just make sure you go to my MySpace page, not Kevin's.) I promise I don't always sound as sleepy as I seem to on Mike's podcast.

But no answering machine messages. I ain't Carl Kasell, okay?