Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Man, I love this guy

Highly recommended from the Fried Rice Thoughts Reading Group (which has been meeting for, like.... uh, months... ?) this week is this month's edition of The Believer - specifically, the interview with one of my favorite filmmakers, Steven Soderbergh.

Besides his views on a baffling aspect of reality TV and the sadness that comes from watching someone enjoy something you think is substandard, he's refreshingly honest about which of his films didn't work.

And from the guy who made the greatest Academy Awards acceptance speech ever, his thoughts on the creative process are always fascinating. For anyone who's ever attempted anything artistic - be it writing, music, photography, filmmaking, painting, etc. - and thought it didn't quite work, consider the following quote:

"There's a difference between failures and things that are bad."