Monday, April 03, 2006

Mouse balls will save us all!

I'm a little bit distracted today, taking part in what I feel should be a national holiday (yes, that's right - in addition to the Monday after the Super Bowl), but wanted to post something that I read last week.

Did any of you catch this news last weekend? I noticed it in a quick sidebar while going through some old newspapers over breakfast, and later looked for more on the internet.

What is the future? Perhaps the key to immortality and a world free of disease?

Mouse balls, people.

Mice testes. They may hold the key to helping us regenerate tissue, and in a much more acceptable manner (to most) than taking stem cells from human embryos. And if such cells exist in the testes of mice, there's a chance they exist in the testes of men, as well.

No word yet on whether or not the same sorts of cells exist in females. But apparently, the same sorts of cells found in men that can be converted to embryonic stem cells may also be found in female ovaries.

Hope for everyone! So let's celebrate! It's Baseball Opening Day, my friends! Go to a bar and watch some baseball! Or better yet, go to a game, if the home team's in town. Shake the hand of the man next to you and tell him you're happy for him and his balls. (Maybe you should leave it at a handshake, however, since you are out in public.)