Wednesday, April 05, 2006


▪▪ It seems like I mention Pop Candy at least once or twice a week now, but they posted a link to the Red Hot Chili Peppers' new single, "Dani California," which I've been nodding my head and tapping my desk to all morning. I really enjoy the evolution their sound has undergone over the past few years. Who knew maturity could sound so good? I haven't been to a concert in a few years, and might have to change that when the Chili Peppers tour this summer.

▪▪ I should really break the concert drought tonight when Beth Orton plays at The Majestic in Detroit. But going to the show by myself, which I'd probably have to do because all my local friends are married with kids now, doesn't sound like as much fun. (Mis Hooz told me last week to solicit concert-mates through the blog. Would anyone have taken me up on such an offer? Oh, drat - why don't I listen to her more?)

▪▪ Did anyone else waste an hour of their lives last night by watching ESPN's "Bonds on Bonds" - Barry Bonds' exercise in narcissism - last night? No? You're so much smarter than me. I'm a total hypocrite for watching it, and clearly need a better nighttime hobby.

▪▪ I should've found more comic books to read. I don't read them as regularly as I used to, but - geek alert! - the latest story arc of Daredevil, in which the hero has been jailed by the feds for his vigilante activities and a long-time character was murdered, is pretty damn good.

▪▪ After just one week, I can see that fantasy baseball is going to control my life in a way I could've anticipated. And I was making such progress to resuming a life of productivity. By the way, I'm in a league with fellow bloggers Donutbuzz, Wabi-Sabi, and Spinster Girl, so I'm sure there will be some chest-thumping and trash talking throughout the summer. Will I have the same beginner's luck with baseball that I had with fantasy football? Oh, I'm livin' the fantasy life.

▪▪ Speaking of chest-thumping, thanks to the UCLA Bruins making it to the Final Four and championship game of the NCAA basketball tournament (along with Connecticut losing, thus ruining virtually everyone else's bracket), I barely scratched out a win in Kevin Antcliff's bloggers bracket. And when I say "barely scratched out," that is the total truth, man. I won by one stinkin' point over Complete Sports, who's being very gracious about finishing second.

Also accepting their defeats with class and decorum were the aforementioned Mr. Antcliff and Need4Sheed. Thank you for the kind words, friends and fellow bloggers, especially when my victory was totally a case of the sun finding a dog's @$$, or however that saying goes.