Monday, April 17, 2006

Friday at the Fish (or Fish Friday)

This is the true story of three strangers - each of them bloggers (running multiple blogs, at that) - who agreed to spend their Friday evening at a Michigan baseball game, chatting about the woeful Detroit Lions, the promising Detroit Tigers, intro music for batters walking to the plate, photography, and embarrassing 80s music, while consenting to have their picture taken.

From left to right, we have Brian who runs Big Ten Hardball (and Beyond Boxscores), Sam(ela) of Blue Cats and Red Sox fame (along with Roar of the Tigers), currently working on approximately a half-dozen degrees from the University of Michigan, and yours truly, the Fried Rice Thinker and chronicler of Sweaty Men Endeavors, who's crushing poor Sam's left shoulder with his gigantic melon and appears to be reaching to give Brian a pinch on the caboose (much to the amusement of the woman behind us with hand to mouth).

It was a fun time at Fisher Stadium on Friday night, huddling up with a couple thousand of our closest friends, and watching Michigan spank Ohio State like a brat acting up at the grocery store, 14-3. (Michigan went on to sweep the weekend from the Buckeyes, which threw the Big Ten standings out of whack, and sent Mr. Big Ten Hardball scractching his head.) Despite minor disagreements between Sam and I over the suitability of Run DMC's "It's Tricky" as intro music, and faced with the abject horror of my confessions of love for 80s power ballad bands, our evening of college baseball was very pleasant.

If you'd like to see more photos from the game, check out Big Ten Hardball (which Brian works damn hard on) and Samela's Flickr labor of love. You will get no more pictures from me, as I still have yet to join the digital camera revolution.