Thursday, March 09, 2006

Fashionably late-night TV

Like Mr. Wabi-Sabi, I found myself watching the Project Runway season finale late last night. I hadn't watched most of the season, but a boring weekend and a marathon on Bravo can do a lot to change your interests. For whatever reason, I'm endlessly amused by the way Heidi Klum narrates every step of the elimination process.

"Now there are five of you. One of you will be the winner, and one of you will be out, after which I will kiss you on the cheeks and say goodbye to you in German. You will now go in the back room and looked pained while the four of us judges make bitchy comments about the outfits you made."

Or maybe I just wish we all had a Tim Gunn to come in and offer support and constructive criticism, with an occasionally caustic remark.

Anyway, I don't agree with who won the finale, but won't get too worked up about it, as my Man Card was just restored with a stern warning after recent lapses.

For others who may have watched, did you find the final announcement strangely subdued and anti-climactic? Maybe they were all tired after a long day (and season).

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