Thursday, March 23, 2006

B For Beard-etta!

I was all set to write something else today, but breaking news just hit the Fried Rice Thoughts blog desk from the New York Bureau.

Ladies, gentleman, and children: I am sexy. I am trendy.

Validation, courtesy of the New York Times. According to today's edition, the Paul Bunyan look is in. Beards are beautiful. Why? Because the hipster and fashion elite say so. Here are some of the quotes from designers and stylists in Eric Wilson's article:

"It's less 'little boy,'" says Brian Bradley.

"It's a nice masculine aesthetic," says Robert Tagliapietra.

"For the past several years we've been stripping guys of their body hair," says John Allan. "Maybe now it's time for the pendulum to swing the other way."

Oh, that pendulum has swung, my friends. And about once every 15 years, it swings my way. The whole grunge thing fit right in with how I dressed back then (and, really, still do). Now, once again, I'm sliding comfortably into the embrace of the trendy. What will I be doing in another 15 years? I have no idea. But check with me, because whatever it is will probably be in, baby.

What started out as a whim and a change of pace for me has become something much bigger. It's part of a cultural revolution, and I am thrilled to have joined it.

Raise your fists to the sky, burly men! Let it grow! Put away the razors, creams, and scrubs! Bearded is beautiful! Viva la revolucion!

E-mails are already pouring in from friends, admirers, and potential paramours. To them, I say thank you. Thank you for standing by me. Thank you for embracing my furry face. Your support has meant so very much.

... The question now is whether this will dissuade me from my plans to shave this thing off my face in May, once the weather gets warmer. Today's news says I probably shouldn't. But if the counterculture is now the mainstream, wouldn't I be truer to myself, to my anarchic roots, by sticking with my original intentions? We shall see, people. The revolution will likely be photographed.

(Image from "Get Fuzzy"
©2006 Darby Conley/ Dist. by UFS, Inc.)