Monday, March 13, 2006

Not quite ready for the close-up

Well, the long-awaited (in this house, anyway) moment is here. Once again, it's self-indulgent promotion time here at Fried Rice Thoughts. (There's nothing self-indulgent about referring to my blog in the third person, is there? Or would that be "third blog"?)

The new March issue of Motor City Sports Magazine hit newsstands last week, and brings with it my print debut. My giant mug adorns the column on page 10. Fortunately for you, the photo is big enough to draw upon with markers. Devil horns, missing teeth, nose hair - knock yourself out. Maybe we can have a contest with the best submissions.

I'm also very happy with the centerfold spread. They did a great job with the airbrushing. I don't think I've ever looked more beautiful, and I look forward to the day when I can show my kids those photos and tell them, "See, your dad was once hot stuff."

Okay, no centerfold. I promise. But I did write a short piece on Zamboni machines (which was previewed here) and participated in this month's Roundtable discussion (and no, my head is not used as the actual "roundtable," though it is probably that large).

I'd like to thank MCSM's editor-in-chief, Greg Eno, for giving me this opportunity, which has already led to some amazing experiences (one of which I'll probably share later this week). And I'm also indebted to Kevin Antcliff, without whom there would likely be no magazine to write for, and who graciously mentioned me to Greg when he was looking for contributors.

should be available at most newsstands, if you'd like to give it a peek. The final product looks good, and there's a lot of fun stuff in this issue. If you can't find the magazine or you're not in the metro Detroit area (or outlying regions of the state), and are interested in reading my work, drop me an e-mail and I'll see what I can do.