Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Tuesday twirl

♦ The only thing less surprising than this was the ending to Star Wars: Episode III. You're a blockhead, Michael Brown. (I wonder if that whole FEMA thing will be left off his updated resume?)

♦ Okay, so I've been watching Prison Break - wanna make somethin' of it? I haven't yet figured out if this is actually an interesting show or one of the stupidest things ever put on TV. After all, the main character has the blueprints to his prison tattooed all over his body. I should've stopped watching the moment that was revealed. Another problem is I can't get past is Dominic Purcell, who was the worst movie villain EVER in Blade: Trinity.

♦ Found this at the Detroit Tigers Weblog. Note to the Tigers' Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez: Shut up. Please, just shut up. I'm willing to bet the majority of Tigers fans now hate you and can't wait for the team to trade you. Or drop you into a pothole on I-94, topped by a flaming oil tanker truck. Your whining might be accepted as leadership if you weren't so clearly part of the problem. Your recent baserunning mistakes that seem like a deliberate attempt to sabotage your team's chances. Your inability to draw a walk. Seven walks, Pudge. Here's a favorite comparison: That's only seven more walks than I've drawn. And the only walking I do is from my front door to my car. Go take your vacation and shut the #@$% up. I'll be burning my Pudge t-shirt any day now.