Thursday, December 23, 2004

Oh, the weather outside is frightful...

©2004 G.B. Trudeau

It's been snowing pretty heavily since midnight or so here in Ann Arbor. I'm no meterologist, nor do I have a ruler handy, but I'd be willing to bet we got 2 inches or so by the time I got home from the bar. Forecast says we're getting 5-8 inches by noon today. If Christmas weren't this week, I might complain about it. But when the white stuff coats the ground for the first time, untouched by tire tracks or footprints, unsullied by dirt and auto exhaust, it's beautiful to look at. (Maybe I can snap a photo later on.) Even better when it's nice and quiet at night.

My appreciation for snow was renewed by my buddy Pete, who lives in Austin, TX now. Ol' Petey hadn't seen the white stuff in a couple of years and was thrilled to have it crunch under his feet as we looked for a late-night munching spot. (But not too thrilled by the frigid temperatures, eh cowboy?)

Another thing I love about the snow is that it means I'll get to use my parents' snowblower. I LOVE THAT THING. A household chore has never been so much fun - especially when I "accidentally" spray passing cars.