Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Live! From Iowa City!

I will be reading in front of a live audience tonight. (!!!) I, along with a couple dozen other poor suckers, have been roped into presenting some material for the University of Iowa's Nonfiction Writing department. I have no idea what to expect. (Other than cheers, screams, flowers, panties, and post-reading groupies.) I've been doing the math in my head (not my strong suit) and figure there will be 50-60 people there. So I'm nervous about that. Of course, there will be many little fish in that big pond. I'm not sure whether reading for a crowd largely composed of fellow writers is a good or bad thing. Hopefully, we'll all be supportive of each other.

7 pm @ Shambaugh Auditorium. If I can get a picture or two (and if I'm not too self-conscious about flashing a camera), I'll post it here.